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LG Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner

Sleek, stylish and efficient. Ceiling suspended air conditioners from LG, make it easy to control the temperature of your café, office or boutique.

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Ceiling Suspended

Keep your clients, colleagues and guests comfortable – no matter what the temperature outside may be. Discover sleek, stylish and efficient ceiling suspended air conditioners from LG – and discover the perfect way to update your space. Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make LG ceiling suspended air conditioners popular favourites:

Sleek & Seamless Design: With one of our ceiling suspended units, you can cool your space without disrupting the look of your business – making it easy to upgrade your building without disrupting your indoor decor.

Quiet Operation: Because you want to feel the cool air, not hear it blowing through your building, we’ve designed our ceiling suspended air conditioners to operate with minimal noise, so they won’t compete with conversations, videos, music and more.

GoldFin Technology: Many of our A/C units come with outdoor heat exchangers featuring an anti-corrosive treatment, which works to protect your investment from pollution and corrosion.

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