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Design Management

To Develop Design-Oriented Products and Provide Differentiated Value That Will Captivate Customers, LG Electronics Has Put its Focus on "Design Management," a Strategy Supporting a Design-Oriented Development of All Products and Services.

Every member of the LG Electronics management team, including our CEO, predicted that design could be combined with cutting-edge technologies in order to drastically change the way we live, playing a pivotal role in creating new cultural pathways.

As the first Korean company to introduce the concept of industrial design in 1958, it was only logical that LG Electronics should define design as one of our four core capabilities in 1999, eventually announcing our "design management" strategy in 2006. This grand vision incorporates the company's dream of changing the way people live via design, and maximizing the company's brand value.

The company's management personnel ensure that "design is not simply the outward appearance of products that users see and feel, but also the cultural expression of an era that defines and guides people's lives."

The company is therefore determined to foster an environment conducive to the development of new products and services, with a focus on truly creative design.

Shedding the legacy of past technology-oriented designs, LG Electronics has formed a "Cross-Functional Team" - composed of product planning, design, and marketing professionals, in combination with other departments-whose task is to focus on design issues identified in the initial product development stage.

In all, these efforts signify our company's deep commitment to ensuring distinctive product concepts that provide customers with the best value and the best design.

At LG Electronics, we're not only making a great leap toward the design-oriented development of products and services, we're also working hard to re-visualize our management philosophies and corporate spirit, through the lens of great design. In fact, LG Electronics uses design as a management resource to enhance our corporate brand in a variety of fields, such as product advertising, publicity, store displays, and services.