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Only Perfect Black Creates Perfect Color

Infinite contrast that takes you on an unprecedented visual experience.

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Sleek, slim and ultra-sharp, LG OLED TVs will take your home theatre to a whole new level. From sports to movies, documentaries to dramas, our OLED televisions will change the way you watch TV – and how you see the world.  Learn More

Featuring crisp, vivid images and a design that’s sleek, slim and subtly curved, our OLED TVs will revolutionise the way you watch your favourite entertainment at home. Discover just a few of the features that make LG OLED TVS among the world’s finest:

Ultra-Slim Design: Because OLED televisions don’t require lamps or large support structures, they are slim (as thin as three credit cards at its thinnest point) and lightweight – and look beautiful with any décor – from classic to modern. Plus, because The bezel surrounding the TV is barely noticeable, you’ll enjoy a uniquely immersive viewing experience.

Energy Efficient: Designed to be more energy efficient than today’s LCD, LED and Plasma TVs, when you choose an OLED TV from LG, you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of helping to reduce your household’s overall power consumption.

Stunning Images: An LG OLED TV boasts a contrast ratio of over 100,000,000:1, which is 50 times greater than LCD display panels – and means that you’ll get true-to-life colours, deep contrast and breathtaking clarity.

Unique Curved Screen: Designed for a theatre-quality viewing at home, LG curved TVs offer you a unique cinema-like experience – with a wide screen that’s both beautiful when it’s on – and when it’s off.

Smart Technology: When you choose an LG curved TV featuring OLED and Smart technology, you’ll not only enjoy stunningly beautiful images from discs and broadcast television, but you’ll get the option to connect to the Web and stream your favourite online content with just the touch of a button.

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