• Updated
  • 17/08/2010

LG Electronics (LG), the global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, named actress Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson as its new “EcoMom” ambassador for the Philippines.

LG EcoMom Jodi was inspired to delve deeper into her green causes by her primetime TV show Noah, a ‘fantaserye’ said to be unique from other drama soaps for its environmental advocacy theme. Jodi’s partnership with LG Electronics is an extension of that personal cause. 

“Epitomizing LG’s commitment to healthier living,” said Mr. Raymond Hernandez, corporate marketing head of LG Electronics Philippines, “LG EcoMom Jodi will help us better communicate and demonstrate LG Health Plus Washing Machines’ benefits to homes, families and overall living.

“It feels great to play a part in LG’s advocacy for a healthier lifestyle. Being a working mom and green advocate, I support products that make a difference in our quality of living, especially nowadays, with recession and climate change affecting everyone. It’s refreshing to see an organization as big as LG addressing our concerns for saving time and money and caring for our health and environment,” said EcoMom Jodi.