• Updated
  • 26/04/2012

METRO MANILA, April 26, 2012 It has been one of the hottest summers the Philippines has experienced, yet it’s no wonder that a lot of us rush to our kitchen to get cool drinks. During summer the refrigerator is the king of the household, not only does it maintain the freshness of food, prevents food wastage but it also provides those much needed cool drinks, sumptuous ice creams, and cold desserts to combat the summer heat.

One common occurrence during the summer is sudden black outs which affect food storage. With this in mind, LG introduces a unique feature of its 2-door Refrigerators, the LG Durachill.  LG Durachill maintains optimum cooling inside the refrigerator for up to 2 hours*, even during power cuts. Developed with a special gel material, it minimizes loss of cooling and prevents food items from getting spoilt. Also, its unique placement on the freezer top provides uniform cooling with a “shower” effect. LG Durachill also becomes very handy this summer as you can bring it along with you inside your cooler to help maintain the freshness of the food and drinks perfect for those beach outings.  LG Durachill is truly a 2-in-1 way of keeping your food cool and fresh this summer season.

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