• Updated
  • 09/04/2012

LG Ref

METRO MANILA, April 09, 2012 – As the kitchen is the heart of the home, modern kitchen designs help accentuate the overall “homey” feel of one’s abode. LG recently launched their new lineup of Energy Saving Side by Side Refrigerators with Inverter Linear Compressor core technology.. One of the new feature of their side by side refrigerator is  the distinct Smart Eco Door innovation intended to better enhance your family’s energy savings by simply preventing cool air to escape from the refrigerator’s main compartment. Every time one opens the main door of a refrigerator, its interior temperature drops and the refrigerators sensor kicks in to maintain the ideal temperature setting. When consumers merely want to reach for a drink, access snacks or frequently used condiments, the Smart Eco Door allows a consumer to do so conveniently and without wasting energy. Besides the important energy savings features other features of LG Inverter Linear Refrigerators are their stainless steel finish, Anti-bacterial gasket, tempered glass shelves and Ice Beam Door Cooling. LG’s Side by Side refrigerators come in 21 CU.FT and 26 CU. FT. And as they say a refrigerator is a family’s “lifetime kitchen essential”, so for consumers looking for eco-friendly, energy-efficient and healthy living home appliances, LG provides the perfect solutions to everyday requirements.