• Updated
  • 25/10/2012

Amstelveen, 25 October 2012 – To promote the new LG IPS monitors, LG Electronics Nederland (LG) and creative agency SuperHeroes have launched an online video clip called ‘So real it’s scary’. This video has become a huge international success in just a short time: in only one week, more than 10 million people have already viewed the video on YouTube. Even TV shows such as Dutch RTL4 Editie NL, the Belgian VRT, ABC Good Morning America and the Canadian Discovery Channel are broadcasting the clip.

‘So real it’s scary’

Can you imagine getting into a lift and suddenly watching the floor break into pieces and fall into the depths? What a shock… In an exciting way, the ‘So real it’s scary’ clip shows that you can't distinguish images on the LG IPS monitors from reality. In the clip, a lift is fitted with a grid of nine interconnected IPS monitors for an unusual experiment. Unsuspecting lift passengers are treated to a big surprise…

Watch the video here.

What is IPS?

LG is introducing a new range of computer monitors with sophisticated IPS technology. Thanks to this technology, the monitors offer outstanding image quality and a wide viewing angle, which means that lifelike colours are represented on the screen. IPS technology (In Plane Switching), previously reserved for image processing professionals, is now also being brought within reach of the wider consumer market with these products.