Not too large, not too small, not too thick,
but just right.

Designed with You in Mind,
G Pad 8.3 is Just Right for You.

With LG, it's all possible

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Do more with your LG Android tablet. Featuring powerful Quad-Core processors, intuitive controls and life-like HD IPS displays, our innovative tablets make it easy to work and play – at home and on the go.  Learn More

Explore just a few of the amazing features that make LG tablets the perfect devices for work and play: < /p>

Powerful Quad-Core Processors: Select LG tablets feature a 1.7GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Processor, so you can surf the web, check email, cruise your favourite social media sites and watch the latest videos without missing a minute of the action.

Incredible Connectivity: An LG tablet featuring QPair allows you to link your device to your Android phone running version 4.1 or later, and gives you the option to receive notifications of calls and texts on your tablet as well as your phone. As an added bonus, you’ll get QuickMemo, which lets you capture any screen image on your Android tablet and transfer it to your smartphone.

QuickRemote: Tablets featuring QuickRemote allow you to program your device to work with your other electronics, which means that you may be able to use your tablet to operate your TV, cable set-top-box, audio system, Blu-ray player, and more.

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