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LG Top Load Washing Machine

LG 6 motion Inverter Direct Drive Washer can lead to less noise, and increase stability and energy saving. With Direct Drive™, Dual Direct Drive adopted a remarkable washing concept called 6 motion. Every wash cycle will operating through 6 stage of drum rotating including with wave force, compressing, rotating, agitating, rubbing, and swing. These stages can be comparing to various kind of manual wash to provide you the best clothes condition after all.

Top Load Washing Machines

Highly efficient, LG top load washing machines are available in a range of capacities, including 5kg and the 16kg sizes, making it easy to find a top loading washing machine that suits your space. Learn More

Learn more about stylish LG top load washers that are designed to fit perfectly by your dryer’s side.

iSensor Technology. Amazing iSensor technology automatically adjusts the wash cycle according to the amount of detergent, water temperature and water hardness. This allows our top load washing machines to provide you with optimum performance in all circumstances.

Turbo Drum. LG's Turbo Drum allows the Drum and the Pulsator to rotate in opposite directions, which not only improves the machine’s washing action, but reduces tangling.

Fuzzy Logic Technology. Using a variety of sensors, our top load washers with Fuzzy Logic technology are able to monitor the conditions inside the drum, including water level and balance, and ensure the best washing performance.

Direct Drive Motor. With fewer moving parts that operate more efficiently, there’s less that can go wrong in LG’s top loading washing machine, which we confidently back with a 10-year warranty.

6Motion™ Technology: Available on select washing machines, this technology combines up to six different wash motions to provide a revolutionary cleaning experience.

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