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Every Color Comes Alive

See every color of nature with the beauty of 4K. The delicate color expression of ColorPrime delivers a realistic image, allowing you to discover colors as nature intended. Turn your viewing experience into a true-to-life experience.

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Ultra HD TVs

The next generation of home entertainment is here. With four-times the resolution of standard HD TVs, LG Ultra HD televisions offer rich, immersive images and sound – for the ultimate viewing experience.  Learn More

Ultra High Definition

LG 4K TVs offer a home theatre experience unlike any other. Discover the innovative features that make our Ultra HD TVs among the most sought-after televisions available.

2.2 Speaker System: LG Ultra HD TVs feature the 2.2 Speaker System with 50W audio and two woofers for incredible depth, your favourite programs are brought to startling reality.

Ultra High Definition: Our Ultra HD TVs boast a resolution that’s four times higher than Full HD televisions --- and offer crisp, vivid images even when viewed from close distances. Plus, with the latest 3D technology, they provide an even more engaging, immersive experience than ever before.

Life-like Colour: When you choose an LG UHD TV, you’ll get the latest IPS technology for a colour impression that’s true to life and easy on the eyes.

Triple XD Engine: Ultra HD televisions featuring the Triple XD Engine bring you rich colour and contrast, as well as incredibly clear images. In addition, it allows our 4K TVs to operate quietly, so all you’ll hear is your movie, match or show.

Ultra-Large Screens: Available in a range of sizes, including a stunning 84 inches, our 4K TVs are designed to deliver theatre-quality images, rich colours and incredible depth – at a size that’s right for your space.

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