LG Inverter Direct Drive

6.5kg, Inverter Direct Drive, Energy Saving, Process Indicator, Waved Lifter, Embossing Drum, Less Noise, Less Vibration


  • Intelligent Washing System
  • Steam Refresh
  • LED Control Panel
  • Load Sensor


The benefits of Direct Drive

Guarantees Low Noise and Vibration

Unlike conventional washing machine motors, the LG Direct Drive is a state-of-the-art integration of motor, belt, and pulley into a single, quiet, and durable motor that is directly attached to the drum.

Shower Spray System

Our Shower Spray System uses less water by pumping it from the bottom of the drum to the top during washing and rinsing. It saves electricity too - and even improves wash performance by dissolving and distributing all your detergent evenly.

Energy Saving

The LG Dual Spray System saves energy by simultaneously releasing steam and water into the drum, improving heating efficiency and reducing running time.

Allergy Care

This revolutionary programme ensures that 99.98% of allergens, such as dust mites and pollen, are removed from the wash load.

Medic Rinse

Washes away detergent residue with an extra, 40-degree rinse at the end of the cycle, making it ideal for a baby's sensitive skin.

Load Sensor

Detects the weight of the wash load, and uses the appropriate amount of water, saving energy and time.

LED Control Panel

Enjoy maximum control with a display that shows running time and error messages on a bright, easy-to-read screen.

Steam Refresh

A 20-minute steam-only cycle that releases creases and lifts odors from your shirts and other items.

Intelligent Washing System

Sensors detect and adjust imbalances for optimal washing performance, which conserves energy and saves money.

Stand-By-Power Zero

No electricity is consumed once the appliances is turned off, preventing wasteful energy consumption.

Steam Wash

Steam molecules-1,600 times smaller than water-go deep into fibers, fluff them up, and remove ingrained dirt.

Direct Drive Motor

The direct drive motor that runs our washing machines is reliable as well as quiet. We guarantee it won’t let you down. In fact, we trust it so much that all machines come with a 10 year warranty on the motor and all its parts as standard – even though there’s nothing standard about it.

Unique Dampening and Ball Balancing System

With our unique dampering and ball balancing system, our 9.0kg washing machine is now so quiet that you could run it in the middle of the night. The noise and vibration is almost neglible, at just 54dB (max). That's only a few whispers louder than a library.

True Steam

Clothes can be clean in 20 minutes. Wrinkles disappear without ironing. You spend more time with your family and less time with your laundry. And you get to save money while reducing to the new world of steam.

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