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A whole new display has arrived on the big screen: OLED TV, the future of television, is now a brazen reality. Say hello to LG OLED TV, that redefines television and recreates reality with perfection. Meet the display of your dreams.

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Easily accessible even for your kid, LG’s new Door-In-Door ™ design refrigerator adds convenience to your life. Now organize and get quick access to your favorite snack and beverages, without having to open the main door. Enjoy fresh food items thanks to LG’s Inverter Compressor that also saves energy.
Make every year day better by living smarter.

With a Smart Choice, it’s all possible

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I am inspired by you, I have learned from you, All of my innovations resulted from watching you. Your desire for the new yet familiar, Your unconscious behavior to take shortcuts, Your dream to be more with less, You seek new technology that does not complicate, but simplifies your life. I’m here for you. LG G3

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LG's Next-Generation hygienic washing machine gets tough on stubborn stains and allergens, while keeping the washing tub bacteria-free. Now you and your family can share the warmth of clean, germ-free clothes.