LG Smart Blu-ray Disc Player

LG Smart Blu-ray Disc Player

LG Blu-ray™ network player not only spins 2D and 3D discs with Full HD 1080p resolution for breathtaking picture clarity, but also features a wealth of apps to download from LG’s App store. You can even stream content over your wired home network to open up limitless entertainment possibilities.

Discover LG 3D Blu-ray Player

3D Blu-Ray Players

Watch the latest 3D movies in full HD 1080p. With a state-of-the-art 3D Blu-ray player from LG, you can enjoy 3D films, as well as 2D movies, animation and documentaries in rich colours and remarkable clarity. Learn More
LG 3D Blu-ray players offer a wide range of innovative features, such as:
Full HD 1080p Up-scaling: Many LG 3D Blu-ray players offer an up-scaling function, which converts standard 2D SD signals from DVD discs into 1080p signals that provide high-resolution images that are rich, clear and visually stunning.
Smart TV: Select 3D Blu-ray players come equipped with Smart TV capabilities, which allow you to stream entertainment and access apps directly from television – including games, VOD services and more.
3D Blu-ray Disc Playback: Watch the latest blockbusters as they were intended. LG’s 3D Blu-ray players offer the ultimate in 3D reproduction, as well as rich, immersive sound.
Smart Share: Available on select LG 3D Blu-ray players, this feature allows you to share files in your external storage devices on your TV screen, or share files on your PC, tablet PC or smart phone via Wi-Fi.
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