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A whole new display has arrived on the big screen: OLED TV, the future of television, is now a brazen reality. Say hello to LG OLED TV, that redefines television and recreates reality with perfection. Meet the display of your dreams.

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Nothing will be as revolutionary as the invention of TV except for the world's first CURVED OLED TV.

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8.3 million pixels deliver 4 times the resolution of Full HD.
Combine this with powerful sound, and you have the most realistic viewing experience ever. Only the best create the first.

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3D TVs

Enjoy a cinema-like experience at home with LG 3D technology. With lightweight glasses, cool 3D effects, rich colours and lifelike images, our 3D televisions will add a whole new dimension to your home entertainment. Learn More

With LG’s superior picture quality and amazing 3D effects – you’ll love your 3D TV experience powered by LG's Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology:

Flicker Free Technology: With no image flicker and crisp, clear pictures, LG 3D TVs are more comfortable on the eyes than conventional televisions.

3D Glasses: Outfit the whole family with LG’s flicker-free 3D TV glasses. Lightweight and inexpensive, LG 3D TVs comes with four glasses included for the whole family.

2D to 3D Conversion: Turn cinema classics, sports, and your favourite TV shows into 3D experiences with the 2D-to-3D conversion feature on LG 3D TVs.

Wide-Viewing Angle: Get the same 3D television experience virtually anywhere you sit. With more viewing angles, no one is left out of the action.

Cinema Screen Design: With it’s almost zero bezel, ultra silm escutcheon and neck-less floating stand. LG Cinema Screen delivers uninterrupted viewing experience on the 3D televisions.

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