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You can now rest easy with a more hygienic bed. The Dual Punch™ cleaning system uses powerful vibration to help eliminate mites, germs and tiny bacteria deep down in your bed. Helping it stay hygienic is a UV lamp that sterilizes bacteria to prevent secondary contamination. Start sleeping with superior sanitation tonight!

With a Smart Choice, it's all possible.

LG Hombot Square


The new era of smart cleaning. With its contemporary square design and LG's unique Dual Eye 2.0TM system, HOMBOT SQUARE reaches close into corners and makes your cleaning smarter and more convenient than ever before

Bed Cleaners

Sleep better at night knowing you’ve reached a new level of clean. With the LG Bedding Cleaner, you’ll experience three levels of deep cleaning while enjoying features like an ergonomic design, easy-to-clean dust bins, HEPA filters and steam cleaning options. Learn More

With the LG bed vacuum cleaner, you can create a bedroom that’s cleaner and more relaxing. Experience features like:

Dual Punch™. Even the most stubborn dust mites and bed bugs are no match for this vacuum cleaner. It vibrates the surface 8,000 times per minute, while the soft rotating brush is ideal for picking up hairs and fibres from sheets and pillows.

Built-In UV Sterilisation Station. After cleaning, LG’s bed cleaner operates an on-board UV lamp for five minutes, sterilising harmful bacteria at the bottom of the cleaner to prevent secondary contamination.

Dual HEPA filter. The LG bed vacuum has a multi-filtration system that removes dust, odour and germs from the home environment.

Ergonomic Design. LG’s Bedding Cleaner features an ergonomically-designed tilted body and handle, so that you can easily pick it up and operate it with one hand, causing minimal pressure on the hands and back.

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