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Don't Just Watch 3D, Hear in 3D

Don't Just Watch 3D, Hear in 3D

The latest breakthough in home theatre evolution. The 3D Sound speakers deliver a full 360 3D
sound zooming environment that combines
superb performance and great styling to
your interior.

About LG BH9320H Cinema 3D Sound Blu ray Home Theater

Blu-ray Home Theater systems

Create the ultimate digital entertainment experience with an LG Blu-ray home theater system. Using the most advanced digital sound and video technology available, LG delivers Blu-ray home entertainment as never before. Learn More
Discover some of the amazing features found on select LG Blu-ray home theater systems:

LG Smart TV: With a range of streaming entertainment options and Apps, the LG Smart TV function offers an interactive experience right from your TV.

3D Blu-ray Playback: Immerse yourself in your favourite entertainment. With our 3D Blu-ray home theater systems, you can watch the latest blockbusters, TV shows, sports and documentaries in lifelike 3D.

External HDD Playback: This unique feature gives you an easy way to get your content onto your LG Blu-ray home entertainment system with the minimum of fuss. Enjoy one-touch access to your images, music and videos that are stored on your external hard drives.

USB Direct Recording: Record your audio to an MP3 player or USB memory stick in the push of a button.

High-Definition Sound: LG Blu-ray home theater systems deliver premium HD-quality sound through a unique system that’s completely compatible with Dolby TrueHD, Digital Plus & DTS-HD Master Audio Essential.
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