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LG Blu-ray Player

LG Blu-ray Player

With LG Blu-ray Disc™ player, you can
get unrivaled picture quality and sound
of Blu-ray technology.

Discover LG Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray Players

If you want stunning Full HD 1080p and the possibility of unlimited entertainment access, you've found it with LG Blu-ray players from LG. Transform your entertainment experience with a Blu-ray DVD player that brings movies and home entertainment to life. Learn More

With LG Blu-ray players, you’ll enjoy features such as:

Superior resolution: Experience enhanced home entertainment with a Blu-ray disks player, which offers more than twice the resolution of standard DVDs, not to mention superior sound.

3D Blu-ray Players: Enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies in full HD 1080p. Our 3D Blu-ray players also support standard Blu-ray disks in high definition.

1080p Up-scaling: LG Blu-ray players featuring 1080p up-scaling can improve the picture quality of a Standard Definition (SD) DVD to that of full high-definition (FHD) 1080p picture by using the HDMI connection and filling in the missing details. For the ultimate picture, a Blu-ray disk will provide all the detailed picture quality without the need for the picture to be up scaled.

LG Smart TV Access and Integrated Wi-Fi Connectivity: When you choose a Blu-ray player with Smart TV access, you can access streaming video content, apps, TV shows and more.

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