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Leading the world in Innovation

Leading the world in Innovation

Innovation in research and product development tailored to the conditions of your ever changing market.


With advanced air-conditioning systems and sleek & sophisticated commercial displays, LG Commercial equipment has you covered. Take your business to the next level the latest innovations from LG. Learn More

Explore the innovative range of LG Commercial equipment – and discover the right solution for your business.

Air Conditioners: The next generation of commercial air conditioners is here. LG Commercial offers eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions for apartment buildings, hospitals, offices, schools and more. Featuring a range of installation options, we can help you create a cool, comfortable environment for your clients and colleagues.

Business Solutions: Whether you work in hospitality or hospitals, education, finance or retail, with our commercial electronics and equipment, we can help you create a space that encourages productivity and engages your clients and colleagues. From monitors and televisions, to computer accessories, our range of commercial electronics has you covered.

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