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Leading the world in Innovation

Leading the world in Innovation

Innovation in research and product development tailored to the conditions of your ever changing market.

Commercial Display

Engage your audience in a highly visual way. LG’s stunning commercial displays allow you to transmit content and broadcast video in full HD, display static digital signage, share videos or show rotating messages throughout the day. Learn More

LG’s commercial display systems feature innovative technology that not only make them easy to

operate, but beautiful to watch. Just a few of the features available include:

24/7 Continuous Operation: From advertisements and menu boards to financial or flight

information, when you choose LG commercial displays that are designed for 24/7 continuous

operation, your message will never go dark.

Full HD Experience: With the rich, vibrant colours, deep blacks and sharp images of an HDTV, our

commercial displays will bring all your messages to life.

Seamless Operation for Multiple Screens: When you choose commercial display systems with

built-in LAN controllers, you can eliminate the need for an IP card and IP interface box to manage

messages on multiple screens.

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