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Ideal partner for culinary pleasure

Ideal partner for
culinary pleasure

LG Microwaves are easy to use and
helps you create perfectly cooked
meals without any hassle.

Experience LG Microwave

Convection Ovens

Cook your food your way. With a microwave convection oven from LG, you can steam, crisp and heat your favourite dishes in the push of a button. Learn More

LG ovens offer a wide range of convenient features and functions. Explore just a few of the reasons our microwave convection ovens are popular choices among cooks everywhere:

Crispy Cook: For those who like crispy dishes, our convection microwaves’ Crispy Cook function allows you to achieve the perfect texture.

Taste Saver: Hold your dishes at the perfect temperature. Many LG ovens come equipped with the Taste Saver function, which lets you keep food warm for up to 90 minutes in the microwave without spoiling.

Auto Defrost Menus: With this feature, you can defrost meat, poultry, fish and bread perfectly – without any hotspots.

Two-Stage Cooking: Available on select convection microwaves, the two-stage cooking feature allows you to choose different power settings and timings, so you can cook your food in two stages without worrying that it’s being overcooked.

Auto Roast Grill: This unique feature available on many of our microwave convection ovens allows you to perfectly roast meats and veggies in the touch of a button.

Charcoal lighting heater: The Charcoal Lighting Heater™ enables you to cook with a revolutionary charcoal filament for tastier, all natural, deep even cooking in a shorter time. Charcoal heating is a world’s 1st heating grill that enhances water heat absorption; cooking more naturally and efficiently compared to convectional sheath, like real charcoal grilling.

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