LG TrueSteam Technology

LG TrueSteamTM technology

Now you can enjoy sparkling wash performance
without the hassle of hand pre-wash. Equipped
with a built-in steam generator, our latest
LG TrueSteamTM dishwasher produces high
temperature steam to effectively loosen and
dissolve stubborn food particles.

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LG’s sleek and powerful dishwashers will make your dishes shine. With intuitive controls, adjustable racks, and a large load capacity LG dishwashers make kitchen clean up a breeze. Learn More

Discover some of the remarkable features that set LG dishwashers apart from the rest:

TrueSteam™ Technology: Dishwashers with TrueSteam™ Technology include a steam delicate cycle, which uses the gentle power of steam to clean glass, China , and other fragile items.

LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation: LG dishwashers with LoDecibel™ reduce vibration and others noises creating quieter wash cycles.

SenseClean™: Measures the water turbulence of your dishwasher and then adjusts water pressure and cycle length for more precise cleaning and energy efficiency.

Large Capacity Dishwashers: For those who entertain frequently, or have large families, a large capacity dishwasher will allow you clean up quickly – easily fitting up to 14 place settings in a single load.

Dual Intensity™ Wash Cycle: Lets you customize the wash intensity for each rack, so glasses on the upper rack are cleaned gently, while pots on the lower rack receive a more powerful wash.

Built-in Food Disposer: When you choose an LG dishwasher with a built-in food disposer, it will catch all the forgotten scraps – allowing your dishes to go straight into the dishwasher from the table, with no pre-rinsing.

Half Wash Mode: Allows items to be washed in either the top or bottom rack of your dishwasher which saves time and energy.

Innovative 3-Rack Dishwashers: The ultimate in convenience, our 3-rack dishwashers feature the EasyRack™ system, which provides outstanding flexibility so you can clean more dishes in fewer loads.

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