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Don't Just Watch 3D, Hear in 3D

Don't Just Watch 3D, Hear in 3D

The latest breakthough in home theatre evolution. The 3D Sound speakers deliver a full 360 3D sound zooming environment that combines superb performance and great styling to your interior.

About LG BH9320H Cinema 3D Sound Blu ray Home Theater

Docking stations

Boasting sleek, chic designs that look as good as they sound, LG docking stations will be music to your ears. Experience features like high audio-fidelity and immersive sound when you choose a docking station from LG. Learn More

Find an LG docking station that lets you dance to your own tune and boasts a range of innovative features, such as:

Clock & Alarm Functions: Choose a docking station that combines basic clock functions with a dual alarm – allowing you to wake up to the sounds of your own music.

Made for iPod/ Works with iPhone: Tap into the tunes you love most with an iPod docking station system that also works with your iPhone. Not only can you plug in and rock out any time, but these advanced LG docking stations also allow you to charge your device whenever it’s in the cradle.

Portable Audio Input: An input jack on our docking stations allows you to play music from your MP3 player or other audio devices through the system’s powerful speakers.

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