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9.1 Channel Immersive Sound

9.1 Channel Immersive Sound adds vertical surround speakers to your typical 5.1 channel home theater system so you are enveloped in sound from almost every angle.

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Experience with
9.1ch 3D Cinema Sound

Immerse yourself in a new dimension of sound from above. A new level of 9.1ch sound realized from 4 vertical speakers on top will fill your entertainment with sound from top to bottom, as well as all around


Home Theater Systems

Get ready for the rise of superior sound with LG home theater systems. From state-of-the-art sound engineering, to Smart TV systems that let you access everything – all in one place, you’ll find remarkably functional, yet elegant home theater solutions. Learn More

Discover incredible home theater systems designed with performance, style and simplicity in mind:

3D Sound 9.1 Blu-ray Home Theater System: Sleek and easy to set up, this LG home theater system features 3D Sound, Wireless Rear Speaker System, Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity, and LG Smart TV VOD + App, which brings thousands of movies, shows and online videos straight to your TV.

LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Home Cinema systems: Featuring a clean, metallic finishes and the latest advances in sound engineering, you’ll experience full HD Surround Sound together with gloriously rich 3D playback and direct access to a world of multi-media content.

3D Blu-ray™ Sound Zooming: Boasting great looks and even better performance, this home theater solution features an impressive full surround sound system with 3D Sound Zooming, which synchs sound with the on-screen 3D images, then zooms in and out in real-time using 3D image depth analysis.

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