The Most CINEMA-LIKE 9.1ch 3D Sound Experience

9.1ch CINEMA Sound Home theater


  • 9.1 channel , 3D Cinema Sound
  • Vertical Speaker
  • Aramid Fiber Speaker
  • 3D Blu-ray™ Playback


9.1ch CINEMA Soundicon

9.1ch CINEMA Sound is an advanced sound system comprises of 9 speakers of different directions and one woofer. These 9 speakers deliver 9 different sounds from each direction, delivering precise and genuine sounds that would make you feel as if you were there.

Aramid Fiber Speaker

Aramid Fiber, material highly resistant to the external stimulus, is applied to the unit to minimize sound distortion and deliver clear and precise sound.


Miracast™allows screen mirroring from mobile devices to TV. Just mirror the screen of mobile devices and enjoy mobile contents pictures, videos, games right on the TV screen.

3D Surround Processoricon

With LG’s unique sound calibration technology, 3D Surround Processor, they are able to deliver more immersive and life-like 3D surround sound.

Vertical Speakersicon

4 additional Upright Speakers fill the entire space with sound from top to bottom. Experience sound coming not only from each side, but also from above and below.

Sound Field Expansion

LG’s own Sound Field Expansion technology expands the sound field around you to put you at the center of immersive 3D sound wherever you are in the room.

LG Smart TV

Enjoy a full range of quality lifestyle applications, interactive
games, and VOD services with friends and family with LG Smart TV.

Wireless Audio Streaming

Enjoy your favorite music on mobile devices through LG sound systems with wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth™.

Premium Contenticon

The best selection of enjoyable content provided for you to access with ease.

The Premium Content card selects and categorizes the most popular and useful content in your country, provided via partnership with the best content providers. Enjoy the best entertainment whenever you want.

Wireless Rear Speakers

Sound with convenience and style. Enjoy clean, elegant look in your living room with the ease of positioning the speakers wherever you want without wire.

ULTRA HD Resolution Upscalericon

Enjoy content in the finest resolution.

ULTRA HD Resolution Upscaler brings ordinary picture quality to extraordinary ULTRA HD like quality with LG's advanced technology. Even if you don't have regular access to ULTRA HD content, you can enjoy the superior quality of the ULTRA HD TV with just about any content.

3D Playback

The most comfortable 3D viewing experience is now
possible. Perfected by advanced 3D technology, LG
provides an immersive 3D viewing experience with
an even brighter and clearer 3D picture with virtually
no blur.

2D to 3D Conversionicon

Don’t worry about lack of content anymore—convert 2D to 3D!
LG’s upgraded conversion technology is the most advanced, with superior depth effect and smoothness.

External HDD Playbackicon

Enjoy easy access to pictures, music, and movies on your external Hard Disk Drives (HDD). LG Smart 3D Blu-ray™ Player offers extended playability with external storage devices.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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