Point to Command

  • Just point, click, drag and drop anywhere you want on your LG TV screen.
  • Stop clicking multiple buttons with our easy mouse like pointer.

Magic Wheel

Intuitive Control with Mouse like Remote

  • Wheel allows you to switch between different TV channels easier than ever.
  • Scroll up and down the web browser just like a mouse for easy use.

* Subject to vary by contents.


Magic Pattern Gesture

Simple Command with Gesture

  • Now, save time with simple gesture which enables to activate for frequent use and complex command.
  • Move the remote sideways to the right while holding down the OK button, It will then take you to the previous channel.
  • Just make a V shape, a recent list of programs and contents you watched will show up on the screen.


Convenient Pairing

  • Simple and easy pairing is for the convenience of the users and the owners. Just point your remote toward the TV and press down the OK button (Wheel).