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Don't Just Watch 3D, Hear in 3D

Don't Just Watch 3D, Hear in 3D

The latest breakthough in home theatre evolution. The 3D Sound speakers deliver a full 360 3D
sound zooming environment that combines
superb performance and great styling to
your interior.

About LG BH9320H Cinema 3D Sound Blu ray Home Theater

Mini Audio Systems

Experience high audio-fidelity and immersive sound with LG audio systems. Boasting rich sound and plenty of extra features, our Mini and Micro Audio systems will take your music to the next level. Learn More

With a Micro Audio or Mini Audio System from LG, you’ll find features like:

USB Direct Recording: Enables you to record from CD to USB memory or MP3 player in MP3 format, as well as convert audio files from CD Audio to .MP3 format in one process.

Select Micro Audio and Mini Audio systems offer vertical 3D sound, provides an immersive experience that will transform your favourite music.

External audio input and a headphone jacks.

Parabola cone speakers offer superb clarity from anywhere in the room.

Mini Audio and Micro Audio systems with FM Tuner & iPod/iPhone docking station

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