Faster with 4G LTE speed


LG Optimus F5

  • More to see with big IPS display
  • Far more durable with high-capacity battery
  • Enhanced UX, because there's more to discover


Faster with 4G LTE speed

Do you have a need for speed? Do you crave instant satisfaction?
Do you live life in the fast lane? If so, maybe it’s time to 4G LTE. LG Optimus F5 pushes the limits of what’s possible on a phone as you can now download, stream and surf the web at speeds you never imagined possible in real time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s 4G LTE.

More to See With Big IPS Display

With the big & crystal clear display, experience a richer mobile life.

True-to-life IPS Display

Whether you’re watching videos or playing games on the move, the exceptional True IPS display brings everything to life. On the real RGB resolution IPS display, experience sharp, crystal clear text and truly natural colors for comfortable viewing even at the widest angles.

Live Zooming

Get deeper into the action with Live Zooming that provides an incredibly close and detailed look into recorded video. Live Zooming enhances the video watching experience as users can zoom in up to five times.
Record a night out with friends and zoom in later to joke about the food on your friend’s chin.Catch of video diary of your latest trip and zoom to find detailed memories you didn’t know existed.

Far more durable with High-Capacity Battery

Capture more, share more, see more. simply enjoy more.

Performance That Lasts & Power Saver Mode

Do everything you crave longer without having to worry about your battery leaving you stranded. The 2,150 mAh battery allows you to capture more, share more, download more, see more, live-stream more and simply put, enjoy more.
Easily manage your battery’s energy consumption for performance you can rely on. The Power Saver Mode delivers maximum battery efficiency with rich power saving options and tips for easy energy conservation.

Enhanced UX, Because There’s More to Discover

Discover more with Qslide, QuickMemo , QuickTranslator and various camera features.


QSlide allows you to enjoy multiple apps simultaneously on one display. The user can complete three tasks concurrently such as noting on a memo and searching information on the web while still watching their favorite video clips. Users could also freely control the size of the window of each app for their conveniences.


Start speaking the world’s language as new and exciting adventures unfold with a simple scan. Clear up confusing situations with instant translations of single words or full sentences.


QuickMemo allows users to write, draw, or jot a memo with their finger directly on the captured screen for sharing instantly with others as an attachment or a URL. The QuickMemo can also be used as an overlay feature - like jotting down a number using the QuickMemo and directly dialing the number while the number is on the top layer.

Cheese Shutter

Voice activated shutter takes a picture when you are ready. Just say ‘cheese‘, ‘smile’ or ‘LG’ and the camera will know when to take a picture.

Time Catch Shot

Get the right shot on the first try with Time Catch Shot that takes 5 pictures at once so you can choose your favorite.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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