Official Company Statement on LG Smart TV Privacy Issue

  • Updated
  • 11, 25 2013


At LG, we are always aiming to improve our Smart TV experience. Recently, it has been brought to our attention that there is an issue related to viewing information allegedly being gathered without consent. LG would like to highlight to users that information such as channel, TV platform, broadcast source, etc. is not collected by LG Smart TVs in Singapore as this feature has never been available in the local market. And LG does not, or has ever, engaged in targeted advertisement using information collected from LG Smart TV owners. Any viewing information gathered by LG Smart TVs in other countries was to allow LG to deliver program viewing recommendations only.

It has also been reported that file names stored on external drives and used on the LG Smart TVs are being collected. The transmission of such file names was part of a new feature being readied to search for data from the internet (metadata) related to the program being watched in order to deliver a better viewing experience. This feature, however, was never fully implemented and no personal data was ever collected or retained. This feature will also be removed from affected LG Smart TVs with the firmware update.

We hope this update clears up any confusion.