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LG Refrigerators

Greater capacity for
your everyday needs

Luxurious, elegant and smart design inside
and out. Side by side helps you to reach and
feel the richness and high quality of life.

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Need a fridge freezer that’s compact on the outside but roomy inside? LG’s energy efficient refrigerators feature sleek and slender designs that give your kitchen an instant upgrade – and the space you need to store more and shop less. Learn More

Find LG refrigerators that boast a wide range of innovative features, such as:

Green Ion Door Cooling (GIDC). This cutting-edge LG refrigerator technology allows cool air to flow out from the vents at the back, as well as from the vents at the door and side of the refrigerator, which ensures a more even temperature throughout.

LED Light: Gives a brighter light and last 5-times longer than a conventional refrigerator lights.

Air Tight Crisper: With our vacuum fresh option, LG refrigerators can help you store vegetables longer and improve freshness.

XtraSpace Icer: Select LG fridge freezers feature the Xtra Space Icer, the first true door-mounted ice-making system. This unique option increases usable space in the freezer compartment by 10%, while improving the convenience and access to the ice container.

Health Plus: Applying LG patent anti microbial material(lactic acid), Health Guard ™ realizes a strong sterilization and deodorization performance with 4-stage filtering system which is effective in reducing fungi spore and harmful bacteria in the rate of 99.99% and deodorizing inside the refrigerator.

Vitamin Plus: Fruits or vegetables start to change colour or soften after storing in the refrigerator for more than 5 days. This is the result of oxidisation, triggered by free radicals. LG's new Vitamin Plus Kit supplies vitamins to fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh and extend their shelf-life.

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