Platinum Silver Top Freezer

460L Platinum Silver top freezer fridge


  • High Efficiency Compressor (4 Ticks)
  • Door Cooling
  • One touch, detachable Twist Ice Maker
  • LED Lighting


High Efficiency Compressor

LG Refrigerators saves more than 20% energy consumption thanks to LG High Energy Efficiency Compressor. LG High Efficiency compressor is different from conventional compressors, in which the inner operating system has been improved. As a result, LG High Efficiency compressor has high EER & High cooling capacity.

Door Cooling

Door Cooling has a 3 way Cooling System to ensure even temperature anywhere inside the fridge compartment

Detachable Ice maker

The new top freezer refrigerator has a detachable icemaker which customers can easily take out when they need more freezer space

LG LED Lighting

LED Lighting is 3.8 times brighter than bulb lighting. The LED Lighting illuminates every corner in the insides of the refrigerator.

The Bioshield™ Advantage


The door seals of the refrigerator are treated with anti-microbial agent to prevent the growth of mould which can distort the seal of your refrigerator. The doors can then be tightly closed at all times with no cold air seeping out to maintain coldness, thus saving energy.

The Bioshield™ Advantage

Mould thrives in damp environments, making a refrigerator the perfect home for it to flourish—especially over the course of five, ten, even fifteen years. That’s why all LG refrigerator gaskets are treated with Bioshield™, a proprietary anti-microbial agent that prevents mould growth from causing gasket and seal distortion, thereby prolonging the life of your refrigerator.

10 Years Warranty on motor

When you buy a refrigerator, you don't want to worry that it won't last. Because the Inverter Compressor motor uses fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently, LG confidently backs the Inverter Compressor with a 10-year limited warranty.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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