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Ideal partner for culinary pleasure

Ideal partner for
culinary pleasure

LG Microwaves are easy to use and
helps you create perfectly cooked
meals without any hassle.

Experience LG Microwave

Small Microwaves

Cook meals in minutes with a Solo microwave from LG. Featuring innovative designs and unique functions created for home cooks everywhere, our under-cabinet microwaves will complement your kitchen beautifully. Learn More

Choose a small microwave with innovative settings and a stylish design. Discover just a few of the incredible features available on our newest collection.

LG’s Wavedome Cavity: A Solo microwave with a Wavedome cavity allows you to cook 30% faster than conventional square-cavity microwaves. They also provide you with 60% more cooking space – and because there are no internal corners, they’re easier to clean, too.

Child Safety Locks: To help keep little ones safe in the kitchen, your small or under-counter microwave will come equipped with a child safety lock that’s easy for parents to control but difficult for little hands to operate.

Auto Defrost Menus: A Solo or under-cabinet microwave with this feature allows you to defrost meat, poultry, fish and bread perfectly – without any hotspots – all with just the touch of a button.

Turntables: Every small microwave in our collection comes with a smooth-operating turntable that seamlessly rotates your food as it cooks and helps ensure more even heating.

i-Sensor Technology: This feature, available on select small, under-counter and Solo microwaves, “reads” your dishes and automatically adjusts the cooking time and power level necessary to cook your food to perfection.

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