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Don't Just Watch 3D, Hear in 3D

Don't Just Watch 3D, Hear in 3D

The latest breakthough in home theatre evolution. The 3D Sound speakers deliver a full 360 3D
sound zooming environment that combines
superb performance and great styling to
your interior.

About LG BH9320H Cinema 3D Sound Blu ray Home Theater
All in One Sound Bar for your Stylish Lifestyle

All in One Sound Bar for
your Stylish Lifestyle

Wall-mounted or standing, LG Sound Bar
goes perfectly with any TV or interior.
Comes with sophiscated design, superior
surround sound and smart entertainment,
it is the ultimate choice.

All in one Sound Bar for Your Stylish Lifestyle

All in one Sound Bar for Your Stylish Lifestyle

Wall-mounted or standing, LG Sound Bar goes perfectly with any TV or interior. Comes with sophisticated design, superior surround sound and Bluetooth functionality, it is the perfect choice for your home entertainment.

About LG NB3520A Sound Bar


Get Blu-ray quality sound that envelops your space beautifully. Wall mounted or standing, LG Sound Bar goes perfectly with any TV that features the latest technology with innovative design. Watching television, movies and listening to music will never be the same. Learn More
LG Blu-ray soundbars happily fill any room, large or small, with pristine, hi-fi sound without breaking a sweat and its wireless subwoofer gives you endless placement possibilities. Explore some of the many features that allow LG Blu-ray soundbars to transform your home entertainment experience:

Portable In: With Portable In, you can connect your soundbar to a range of portable devices, such as MP3 players and laptops, and enjoy music and other digital content in full, rich sound.

Wireless Active Subwoofer: Enjoy deep bass sound in any location. Our wireless active subwoofers can be placed anywhere in the room for endless interior options.

LG Sound Gallery: Available in select Blu-ray soundbars, the LG Sound Gallery allows you to choose from seven sound genres for a perfect acoustic experience.

Revolutionary Slim Design: LG soundbars feature ultra-slim designs to fit any décor. In addition, our soundbars offer an array of mounting options – which allow you to maximise space and improve your entertainment system’s configuration.

3D Surround Processor: Select Blu-ray soundbars feature 3D surround processors, which provide full, immersive sound to accompany your favourite 3D entertainment.

iPod/iPhone Cradle: With iPod/iPhone cradles, our soundbars provide seamless access to your personal music collection – and plays it in Blu-ray quality sound.
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