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For the most accurate technical information regarding features, specifications, installation and operation of your LG product, including all Warranty Terms & Conditions, refer to the Owner's Manual and other documents available for this product.

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Filename Release Date Size
English 04/07/2014 909K
English 04/07/2014 19,812K

Filename Release Date Size
English 06/23/2014 1,597K
English 06/23/2014 21,796K

Software Upgrades include Device Drivers and Firmware Updates only for specific Models. Check your Owner's Manual to determine if your product supports software upgrades.

Software File(Version 04.25.24)
Software File(Version 04.25.24)
Filename Release Date Size
Software_File(Version_04.25.24).7z.001 07/30/2014 92,160K
Software_File(Version_04.25.24).7z.002 07/30/2014 92,160K
Software_File(Version_04.25.24).7z.003 07/30/2014 92,160K
Software_File(Version_04.25.24).7z.004 07/30/2014 92,160K
Software_File(Version_04.25.24).7z.005 07/30/2014 92,160K
Software_File(Version_04.25.24).7z.006 07/30/2014 92,160K
Software_File(Version_04.25.24).7z.007 07/30/2014 52,442K
Software_Upgrade_Guide(English).pdf 07/30/2014 671K
How_to_extract_file_with_7-Zip.pptx 07/30/2014 1,315K
[Operating System(s)]
LG Firm

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The requested resource (/jsp/global/support/data/software-guide/article/KRSWD000012895.template) is not available

Warranty Info

View detailed Warranty Policy information in the Owner's Manual

To claim the warranty, you can submit online a request for service or you can call us on 6512 0555. Please have the serial number of your product and proof of purchase ready. We may need these to give you the most accurate information.