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Meet the tablet that's delivering all kinds of fun on the run with smooth single-handed usage. The new LG G Tablet 8.0 LTE streamlines your grab and go lifestyle. Life gets smarter and simpler with seamless viewing and doing that fits right in the palm of your hand.


Not too large, not too small, not too thick,
but just right.
Designed with You in Mind,
G Pad 8.3 is Just Right for You.
With LG, it's all possible

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Get a tablet that lets you do more. LG Android tablets feature powerful processors, intuitive controls and ultra-sharp, ultra-colourful HD screens that give you a true cinema experience virtually anywhere.  Learn More

Explore the incredible features that make LG tablets must-have devices for work and play:

Eye-Popping 8.3-Inch Full HD IPS Displays: Designed to give you stunning cinematic experience, our Android tablets feature full HD 1080p resolution, plus a remarkable 8.3-inch IPS display, which lets you watch your favourite movies or view online content clearly – from virtually any angle. Plus, because our tablets feature slim bezels, you’ll get an edge-to-edge screen that’s also easy to navigate with just one hand.

Powerful Processing: With an LG tablet featuring a 1.7GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Processor, you can surf the web, check email and more – all at ultra-fast speeds.

Simple Connections: When you choose an Android tablet with QPair, you can tether your LG tablet directly to your phone, which gives you the option to receive notifications of calls and texts on your device. Plus, with QuickMemo, you can capture any screen image on your tablet and transfers it to your smartphone.

QuickRemote: LG tablets offering QuickRemote make it easy to program your device, then use your tablet to operate TV, cable set-top-box, audio system, Blu-ray player and more.

Personal Privacy: Because your Android tablet may not always have just one user, we’ve given you the option to set up multiple accounts for guests users and protect – your privacy.

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