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You can now rest easy with a more hygienic bed. The Dual Punch™ cleaning system uses powerful vibration to help eliminate mites, germs and tiny bacteria deep down in your bed. Helping it stay hygienic is a UV lamp that sterilizes bacteria to prevent secondary contamination. Start sleeping with superior sanitation tonight!

With a Smart Choice, it's all possible.

LG Hombot Square


The new era of smart cleaning. With its contemporary square design and LG's unique Dual Eye 2.0TM system, HOMBOT SQUARE reaches close into corners and makes your cleaning smarter and more convenient than ever before

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Vacuum Cleaners

Take the work out of cleaning your floors. At LG, we develop vacuum cleaners and other products that are packed with new technology to help make life easier. Learn More

LG vacuum cleaners feature innovations that make it easier to keep your home clean:

Dust Compression: The world’s first motorised dust compression system, this vacuum cleaner technology thoroughly cleans with lasting suction power and easy, hygienic dust control. It helps prevent particles from escaping when you empty your bin and ensures dirt is collected and compressed.

Dust Compression System: Household dust is bad for you. It can aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. This is the reason why LG developed the world’s first motorized dust compression technology. The unique rotablade inside the dust bin continuously rotates from side to side, compacting the dust leaving more room for cleaning and reducing dust particles flying out when emptying the vacuum cleaner. This makes disposal of your household dust a cleaner & simple task.

Clean More, Empty Less: Because our vacuum cleaners compact dirt as it’s collected, you will have to empty your vacuum cleaner far less often.

Sani Punch: Did you know that you could be sharing your bed with up to 10 million dust mites? Our Sani Punch vacuum head has been specifically designed to eliminate them. It’s the most effective way to help ensure that your bed and other furniture are free from these nasty creatures.

Breathe Easy. LG vacuum cleaners feature a carbon HEPA filter that traps 99.95% of microscopic particles. Without it, these particles would simply circulate back into your home.

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