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Do you want front-load or top-load?

All LG washers are "high efficiency" washers that reduce energy costs and water consumption versus conventional washers, and offer the reliability of a Direct Drive motor. Roll over the washer types to learn more about the benefits of each style.

Front Load washers are the ulti mate in energy and water efficiency. They are innovatively designed to offer deep cleaning on a variety of fabrios, including delicates, and are incredibly gentle on clothes.


LG's high efficiency top washers offer award-winning innovation in a traditional, convenient top-load style. Featuring LG's largest available capacity, these washers can trakle more laundry in fewer loads.


What is the capacity that you are looking at?

LG washers come with different capacity to handle your wash loads and frequency.

What features do you want?

Roll over the features below to learn more.

Steam cycles provide deep cleaning, while removing odors, wrinkles, and allergens. In addition, steam cycles use less water than conventional washers for greater energy savings. TrueSteam offers a powerful steam option that deeply penetrates into fabrics to remove dirt and odors. Allergiene is certified to remove over 95% of household allergens, such as pet dander allergens, such as pet dander and dust mites, to protect as it cleans.


LG's unique ColdWash feature saves 60% on energy by providing the cleaning performance of hot water even when using cold water.


LG has models available with larger capacities that can handle a lot of laundry in a single wash, saving you the time and energy costs of additional washes

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