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A Powerful Yet Gentle Washing Experience

10.0kg Inverter Direct Drive 6 Motion Top Loader Washer


  • 6Motion-DD
  • Inverter Direct Drive System
  • Health+ Filter
  • Smart i-Sensor™


6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive

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More motion, better washing. 6 Motion Direct Drive technology is designed to provide an optimal wash for all fabric types. It is delicate to your clothes just like hand wash and removes 99.9% of the detergent residue.

Inverter Direct Drive System

Inverter Direct Drive System

The LG Inverter Direct Drive System is now available in our top load machines. The motor is attached directly to the washing drum, giving you more stability, less vibration and higher energy savings. With fewer parts, you get less hassle, less wear and tear and less noise. Get wonderful benefits with LG's inverted Direct Drive 6 motion features.

Health+ Filter

Designed to give you protection and convenience, LG's smart filter is coated with anti-bacterial materials for a more hygienic wash.It is simple to clean and more durable than conventional lint filters. The lint filtration rate is also better than other brands.

Smart i-Sensor™

LG's Smart i-Sensor™ gives you the perfect washing result. The intelligent sensors automatically gather information such as wash load, amount of detergent, water hardness and water temperature; and communicate with the PCB controller for optimised wash and rinse actions.

Smart Cleaning

More people suffer from skin allergies over the last few years. LG's smart i-Sensor™ detects the amount of detergent residue remains in the last rinse cycle and intelligently sets the optimum rinsing program to completely remove it. Most importantly, it protects your loved ones from skin allergies.

Tub Clean

LG’s Tub Clean function cleans every corner of the entire tub, leaving toxic substances with no chance of survival.

Diamond Glass Cover

The elegantly designed top cover is made of tempered glass. It is more durable and is not easily breakable as it can withstand a drop weight of 2.5KG. The glass cover will not scratch as easily as a plastic cover. A clear transparent cover allows you to check on the washing process conveniently.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

LG's World's First 6 Motion washing machine gives the delicate care of a hand wash and convenience of a machine with the lowest energy consumption and green track record. It ensures that your clothes get the exact care they need for the perfect clean. Experience the wave force gentle wash, rotating tangle free, rubbing even wash, compressing detergent free, agitating powerful washing and swing delicate wash today.

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