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A Powerful Yet Gentle Washing Experience

7.0kg Top Loader Washer


  • Diamond Glass Cover
  • Deep clean waterfall
  • Smart Cleaning
  • Turbo Drum


Turbo Drum Technology

Turbo Drum Technology

In normal washing machines, only impellers are moving. However, in LG's washing machines both the impeller and drum move simultaneously and in opposite directions, like a handwash, creating multiple water whirls and thousand eddies. This delivers a powerful wash that can remove the toughest dirt yet is gently enough on your delicate fabrics.

Deep clean waterfall

LG showers your laundry with different ways of waterfalls for a thorough cleaning while being gentle on your clothing. The waterfall creates gentle yet powerful whirls to dissolve the detergent evenly for a more effective wash, reducing tangling of and friction on your clothing

Smart Cleaning

More people suffer from skin allergies over the last few years. LG's smart i-Sensor™ detects the amount of detergent residue remains in the last rinse cycle and intelligently sets the optimum rinsing program to completely remove it. Most importantly, it protects your loved ones from skin allergies.

Tub Clean

LG’s Tub Clean function cleans every corner of the entire tub, leaving toxic substances with no chance of survival.


The elegantly designed top cover is made of tempered glass. It is more durable and is not easily breakable as it can withstand a drop weight of 2.5KG. The glass cover will not scratch as easily as a plastic cover. A clear transparent cover allows you to check on the washing process conveniently.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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