VS10 is PC built-in ready for the NC2100, NA2000, NA2100 media players!

LG VS10 Mainstream Display


  • LCD Widescreen Monitor
  • USB Playback
  • Super IPS Panel


Tile Mode

The simple daisy-chain connection for tiling application efficiently supports up to 5 x 5.

Super IPS Panel

Even under direct sunlight exposure, LG commercial monitors that adopted LGD V5 panel remain free of blackening defects and provides superior quality for outdoor usage. IPS panel has an extremely low standard of deviation for response time. Also, IPS panel is not susceptible to image distortion upon external pressure.

eZ-Net Manager

eZ-net manager lets the user control monitors which are installed in remote areas through Ethernet. So you can check the status of Monitors and Change the Input and Volume and even Update the Firmware from Server.

PD Panel

The PD module has relatively uniform pressure distribution comparing to TV panel, which in consequence has a far better stability. LG Commercial MNT adopts the exclusive public display module whose reliability is far better than that of a normal TV module. The public display module is a perfect fit for severe operation conditions. Another strength of the LG PD module is that it can operate 24 hours a day.

USB Playback

USB playback is simple, easy solution without additional cost.

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As a part of the SuperSign Digital Signage Solution, the VS10 is PC built-in ready for the NC2100, NA2000, NA2100 media players. A 20,000:1 DCR contrast ratio and 450 cd/m² (32VS10) & 500 cd/m² (42VS10, 47VS10) brightness results in detailed and bright images displaying your message with the impact you want. Whether for way finding, information displays, menu boards, or QSR signage, the VS10 brings display innovation for your digital signage needs.