Eco-Friendly & Economical LED Large Screen Display

LG WS70 Mainstream Display


  • Smart Energy Saving
  • Multi-media playback
  • Auto Brightness Sensor


Local Dimming

WS70 applies Local Dimming technology allowing brightness to be controlled in block units. This ensures brightness and clarity providing high picture quality. As a bonus, power consumption is reduced.

Smart Energy Saving

Reduction energy consumption by approximately 30%

Media Player Integrated Solution

The solution integrated with media player foregoes the need for additional media players and allows you to cut down expenses.

Auto Brightness Sensor

Screen brightness is automatically adjusted by its surrounding illumination level.

Low Power Consumption

The Local Dimming and Smart Energy Saving features of WS70 guarantee the lowest energy consumption compared to other conventional LED backlight displays. In addition, the WS series meets all environmental regulations, ERP, and Energy Star requirements, while excluding the use of harmful materials and reducing CO2 emissions.

Easy & Fast Delivery of Contents

• USB multi-media playback• User friendly interface by using web-based management S/W SuperSign Elite-w lite

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LG Digital Signage has become even bigger from its previous size of 72" to 84". Now, make a greater impact for your business with a bigger high resolution LED screen.