Special Display

Touch Screen (Dual)

M4716T(Dual Touch Screen)


Super IPS Panel

Even under direct sunlight exposure, LG commercial monitors that adopted LGD V5 panel remain free of blackening defects and provides superior quality for outdoor usage. IPS panel has an extremely low standard of deviation for response time. Also, IPS panel is not susceptible to image distortion upon external pressure.

Exclusive PD Panel

The PD module has relatively uniform pressure distribution comparing to TV panel, which in consequence has a far better stability. LG Commercial MNT adopts the exclusive public display module whose reliability is far better than that of a normal TV module. The public display module is a perfect fit for severe operation conditions. Another strength of the LG PD module is that it can operate 24 hours a day.

Infrared Multi-Touch

Touch monitor supports various applications with infrared multi-touch technology. This makes possible to deliver interesting experience and rich information to user

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