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Easy Access For Maximum Storage

Get easier access to the food you reach for the most by taking advantage of the LG Bottom freezer drawer.

Bottom Freezers

LG bottom fridge freezers offer style, convenience and efficiency to fit your kitchen décor and busy lifestyle. With flexible eyelevel shelving and a spacious freezer, our bottom fridge freezers will keep you ultra-organised. Learn More

Explore the various features and options available on LG bottom freezer fridges:

Multi Air Flow: The air circulates through multiple vents, reaching each shelf ensuring quick, uniform cooling.

Tempered Glass Shelves: Special tempered glass shelves on your LG bottom mount fridge can withstand heavy loads so that users can safely store heavy items.

Deodoriser: The Deodoriser absorbs interior odours faster and more efficiently thanks to the honeycomb-type active carbon filter that absorbs unpleasant odours.

Bioshield™: An antibacterial agent on our bottom fridge freezers reduces bacteria build up and ensures door sealing is not compromised.

Dairy Corner: Can be used to hold dairy or other small items such as medicine, cosmetics or other items that need to be stored separately.

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