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LG Projectors

For home or business, indoors
and out, make your home video,
films, pictures and presentations shine.

Business Projectors

Take your meetings to the next level with an LG business projector. Offering cutting-edge solutions to boost colour intensity and provide the sharpest images possible, our business projectors help make any presentation a success. Learn More

Find LG business projectors with all the latest features, including:

Volume Booster. Because of different sound level from each broadcast, our business projectors have an innovative function that can boost sound channel automatically itself.

Portability. World’s 1st Smart TV portable LED projector can be used anywhere, anytime in entertainment device.

File Viewer. File viewer function on business projectors enable you to show PPT or excel file by simply inserting USB memory without converting original file.

Quick ON/OFF. Get instant-on with full brightness within five seconds.

Projection Distance/Brightness. Saves space for projection distance.

HD DIVX PLAYER VIA USB 2.0. Without a laptop or media device, you can play movie, picture, and music files through USB.

Superior picture quality. Some LG business projectors reproduce 114% wider color range & deeper color saturation. Ultra-fast pursing of LED light eliminates motion blur and color break up.

Eco-friendly. LG business projectors are 100% free of mercury or other hazardous materials found in most lamps. No more discarded bulbs, reducing the amount of toxic solid waste in our landfills.

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