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LG Car Audios

LG Car Audios delivers the rich, full
sound you expect from LG. And you’ll
enjoy the way they look in your home as
much as the way they sound.

Car Audios

Stay entertained on the road with LG car audio. From DVD/CD receivers, to speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers – get ready for a new kind of car radio system. Learn More

Car audio just got more exciting, thanks to innovative new products from LG:

Car DVD/CD Receivers: LG Car Audio Systems offer a new kind of sound on wheels, with a sound system so intelligent that it senses your music and plays it exactly the way it should sound. iPod Direct offered on some car DVD players provides you with the awesome ability to control your iPod directly from your LG head unit.

Speakers/Subwoofers: Easy to enjoy, easy to install LG’s powerful speakers can create great sound with better technology by providing dynamic and clean sound. The surround sound is your passport to the completely new world of car stereo systems.

Amplifiers: Experience the power of performance with the ultimate car audio product. With LG amplifiers, you’ll hear every detail and feel every beat, further enhancing the sound of your speakers and woofers and boosting your overall car stereo experience.

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