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LG Car Mp3 Players

LG Car Mp3 Players delivers the rich, full
sound you expect from LG. And you’ll
enjoy the way they look in your home as
much as the way they sound.

Car MP3 Players

LG Smart Car Audio satisfies not only an acoustic sense with dynamic sound power – but also an emotional sense with its intuitive technology. Find car MP3 & car CD players that focus on the driver’s emotion and style. Learn More

With LG Car Audio, you’ll enjoy the latest advancements in audio systems with all the features including:

Car DVD players/Car CD Players with high-quality playback: Now play your favorite movie on the go. LG Head units have a built-in Front Audio Aux in – for connection to portable music players and other external devices. Just a single connection makes listening more convenient.

Mosfet 53Wx4. The Mosfet is a high-performance semiconductor chip with excellent properties such as a linear operation curve and low distortion for use as an amplifier device. Thanks to the excellent properties of the four incorporated 53W Mosfet amplifiers, the system is able to reproduce the incredible and powerful sound in your car.

MP3 Optimizer/Compressed Music Compensation. There is an increasing interest in the sound quality loss of digital music files that are compressed such as MP3, WMA and OGG. The car MP3 player’s Optimizer function uses reverse algorithm to recompose the deleted data to provide music closer to the original source.

Slot-inType. Open face enables you to insert CDs into the car CD player head unit and choose your favorite model according to your taste.

XDSS Plus: Extreme Dynamic Sound System It can increase the low and high range sound so that the listener can experience dynamic powerful sound by simply pushing the XDSS button. In addition, XDSS Plus, which is LG's premium audio sound effect, gives listeners deeper and stronger low range sound.

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