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LG Electric Brushs

Explore the innovative design of
LG Electric Brushs and find the one
that’s right for your home.

Electric Brushs

Find an electric vacuum that offers a total cleaning experience. Get LG technology like Motorised Dirt-Compression ensures dirt is properly collected and compressed, while Sani Punch, which removes household dust mites, & HEPA filters offer maximum allergen control. Learn More

Find an electric vacuum with all the latest innovations that keep your home cleaner:

A Total Cleaning Experience for Pet Owners and Allergy Sufferers. Unique cleaning systems and Motorised Dirt Compression Technology helps prevent particles from escaping when you empty your bin and ensures dirt is collected and compressed. This makes dirt disposal clean and simple.

HEPA filtration. Ten levels of HEPA filtration on our electric brooms maximise dust reduction.

Up to 2000W and 360W suction power. Powerful suction means the ultimate cleaning performance.

Innovative design. Our electric brooms have been redesigned and reengineered to make vacuuming more comfortable. LG vacuums come loaded with features, like our Dust Compression System, HEPA Filter and more.

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