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The LG Optimus Slider features a physical QWERTY keyboard that makes sending texts, emails, and IMs super easy. Finally, a device as social as you are.

Flip Phones

From touch screens and QWERTY keyboards for seamless texting, to flip phones with Bluetooth technology so you can talk hands-free, you can stay in touch your way. You’ll even find LG flip phones that help you keep life simple. Learn More

An LG flip phone gives you the functionality you need to work and socialise on the go. Just a few of the popular features you’ll find include:

Cameras. With built-in cameras, you can use your flip mobile to snap photos of your friends, your pets or your favourite new shoes, then post them on the web for all the world to see.

Bluetooth Technology. With this hands-free technology, you can talk on your flip mobile phone while you shop, work or even workout.

QWERTY Keyboard Flip Phones. Designed for super-fast texting, QWERTY keyboard phones give users a simple, natural way to write messages.

Social Networking. Choose LG flip phones that allow you to stay up to date with Twitter feeds and Facebook from virtually anywhere.

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