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LG Vacuum Cleaners

Explore the innovative design of
LG Vacuums and find the one that’s
right for your home.

Hand Held Vacuums

Get the cleaning power of a full-size vacuum in a handy, compact machine. At LG, we create hand held vacuums featuring the latest technology in a lightweight, durable package – making it easier than ever to say hello to pristine clean floors. Learn More

LG hand held vacuum cleaners feature innovations that make it easier to keep your home clean:

Clean More, Empty Less: Because our handy vacuums compact dirt as it’s collected, you won’t need to empty your vacuum’s dust collection bin as often.

Dust Compression: Featuring the world’s first motorised dust compression system, this innovative technology allows our vacuums to thoroughly clean with lasting suction.

HEPA Filters: By trapping dust and allergens, our hand held vacuums’ washable HEPA filters can help keep your home cleaner and your family healthier.

EasyMovingTM Wheels: To make your vacuum easier to maneuver, we’ve created the EasyMoving wheel, which enables smoother sliding for a more pleasant cleaning experience.

Convenient Compact Designs: When you choose a hand held vacuum from LG, you’re getting the ultimate in power without sacrificing convenience. Designed for easy storage and easy maneuverability, our handy vacuums will fit seamlessly into your home – and your life.

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