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LG Refrigerators

From a wide choice of door styles to
groundbreaking interior features, LG
boasts one of the largest and
most innovative selections of


Need an efficiently designed refrigerator that’s roomy inside? Energy-efficient LG refrigerators & freezers have designs that give your kitchen an instant upgrade, with the space you need to store more and shop less. Learn More

Find LG fridges with innovative features such as:

Total No Frost Technology: Enjoy even cooling with a Multi-air flow system that evenly spreads cool into every corner of the refrigerator freezer, as well as faster cooling, perfect for when you need to store warm food quickly. Total No Frost technology also creates a cleaner, more hygienic fridge freezer and a consistently fast and even cooling system for fresher food.

LED Light: Gives a brighter light and last 5-times longer than a conventional fridge light

FRESH 0 ZONE: LG fridges have special compartments that can constantly stay at zero degrees – keeping the quality of meat and fish for longer and leaving them at an ideal temperature to begin cooking

Soft-Touch Minibar: A touch of the hand or elbow gives you easy access to cans, bottles, and cartons without having to open the main fridge door. Soft-Touch will save you money on your energy bill, too.

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