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DOOR-IN-DOOR™ : Easy access for your convenience

You open the refrigerator more often than you might think , especially for a drink and to access certain foods daily. What if you kept those foods and beverages cool in a specific compartment ? LG presents the first Door -in -Door ™ refrigerator. Organize and easily access your everyday products.

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Discover our latest DOOR-IN-DOOR™

LG's Door-in-Door gives you easier access to the items you frequemtly need, without having to open the main door. You'll save more energy by reducing cold air loss, while keeping the fridge organized.
Make everyday better by living smarter.

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Top Mount Fridges

Tradition meets technology with LG’s line of top mount fridges. With new and innovative styling, including hidden hinges and contoured doors, LG top mount fridge freezers fit right in to your kitchen. Learn More

Explore the various features and options available on your LG top mount fridge:

Digital Temperature Controls: Digital sensors constantly monitor conditions in your top mount fridge to keep things cool, as well as maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels so your food stays fresher for longer.

Humidity Controlled Crispers: Optimise the humidity levels in your top mount fridge freezer and extend the life of your fruits and vegetables.

Automatic Ice Maker: A top mount fridge with automatic ice maker creates ice when you’re running low so you always have some when you want it.

Express Freezing: Great for planning ahead for hot summer days or entertaining, the accelerated freezing feature on LG top mount fridge freezers provides fast freezing so you have plenty of ice when you know you're going to need it.

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